Consumer Trends and Positioning Marketing Consulting

Cultural and business trends strategies to help businesses reposition established brands, innovate and create new revenue models

As a business consultancy, we help brands understand major trends that are motivating customers to buy products, services and experiences. And we develop powerful responses to these trends to help our clients be more relevant, innovative and profitable.

Let us help you identify trends that are impacting your world. Together we can create powerful offerings that attract customers and increase sales.


Consumer Trends and Futuring Marketing Consulting

Trends are all about right now. Let us help you discover what your customers are thinking and feeling, and what buttons you need to push to motivate them to purchase, visit, attend or act!

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Disney Secrets For Baby Boomers

This week we talk to John Kenney from Disney Cast Member Secrets podcast. He shares what are the best things for baby boomers to do at Disney. We also talk about how food affects your brain, review a travel bed cane, a trip down memory lane and a lot more!

Why Are Millennials So Unhappy?

Why are millennials so unhappy? Where is the pot of gold for Millennials? Stress levels are declining, see why and how to manage stress. How to deal with incontinence problems. How to find new friends, and a lot more on this show for baby boomers!

Book the BuzzBooster’s to Speak at Your Next Event!

You’ll learn the importance of emotionally compelling messages, the power of story, and how to use life stage instead of age as a way to connect with them. Companies and organizations that can tap into today’s Boomer Consumer will be poised for success for years to come.

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Catch Our Show!

Elements of self talks about  innovation, cultural shifts, Consumer trends and behavior, so you know how to press the right buttons to motivate people and make them buy from you.

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