Boomerology Revealed- New Rules for Marketing to America’s Largest, Wealthiest and Most Influential Group- baby boomers

You’ll learn the importance of emotionally compelling messages, the power of story, and how to use life stage instead of age as a way to connect with them. Companies and organizations that can tap into today’s Boomer Consumer will be poised for success for years to come.

  • Baby boomers are the new sandwich generation:
    They are between caregiving and grandparenting
  • Understand how baby boomers buy
  • Using emotional meaningful concepts to attract baby boomers
  • How to reach baby boomers today
  • Baby boomers as decision makers

Become Irresistible to Your Clients.

Yes, maybe you have 30 thousand people on Twitter but if they are not paying attention to you, how much is this worth?

Things have changed a lot in how we do business and how people purchase. Today it is not enough to have a business, it is necessary to become irresistible to your market.
Bring Shahar and Nashlah to tell your audience about the Consumer Trends System that will provide your audience with the tools they need to get attention and become irresistible to their market.

Shahar and Nashlah will show your audience what has changed, how the consumer behaves today, how to create desire and how to use social tools to sell more and profit more.