Are Male Boomers Happy With Their Lives?

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Are male Baby Boomers happy with their lives? Let’s find out in this episode where we put together several baby boomers and let them talk about their wants and fears.

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Who Moved My Parents? [Boomerology Revealed TV #02] Edit

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Meet Anthony Cirillo author of Who Moved My Dentures, and join us in a conversation on how he sees assisted living facilities, how he faces the difficult conversation with his own mother and his choice. This is about a different conversation we need to have with our aging parents. We also visit a friend having problems with a stairs lift chair and we’ll show you the funniest video about baby boomers out there that has become a viral video and much more! With host Shahar Boyayan.

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Marketing example on Assisted living Facility

When it come to marketing people like to complicate and fool themselves.
Here is a great example on how to market in a smart, simple and inexpensive way.
This is a clever video from an assisted living facility.
They use real people, a song that is on the top charts now and a clever non boring way to promote the business.
How hard is that?
The video got a lot of traction on YouTube.

Resident’s At the Waverley Mansion in London Ontario, stayin’ young and havin’ fun!