Happy 12/12/12

Hope you have a happy 12/12/12

It is really a fun date and you will not see another like this in this century, so don’t forget to enjoy this day.

I saw on Facebook some people saying that today the energy of the planets shift. Don’t know if this is true or not but in case it does let’s hope it shifts to a better, more positive energy. There is never enough of that in our world.

On TV I saw this morning (can you tell I’m on a break?) a boy that was born 12:12 on 12/12.
Isn’t that cool? And a girl that has her 12th birthday today. Super cool.

They will never forget this date.

That kept me thinking what can we do to make this day memorable? Earlier in the day Nash and I went geocaching to unlock the badge 12/12/12. Mission accomplished. But there is still something missing.

So I decided to take one of our most popular training program- Turning knowledge into products- where you learn all things info-marketing and product creation from $97 – to $12.12

Stay with me. When you buy the program, besides becoming an expert on info-marketing and product creation coming from people like us that have been doing that successfully for many years, you will get the receipt of the investment and it will say: $12.12 on 12/12/12.
How cool is that?
Here is the link to the info-products program

Now, if you make an extra effort and get the program at 12:12 pm then it will say $12.12 on 12/12/12 at 12:12.
That will be super duper.
Of course I would get this receipt and frame it. How many people will have something like that?

I know, that is what I do, I solve problems, create new channels of revenue for people and make you a superstar amongst family and friends.
Unless you become one of our mentees. Then we show you how to become a superstar for millions of people. But that is a subject for another e-mail Hint, hint, you got an e-mail that has an offer that ends with the end of the world in 2 weeks.

Anyway, go to: http://www.buzzboostersuniversity.com/information-marketing-and-info-marketing
and get this amazing multi-media online program with life time access so you don’t miss things when there is an update for only $12.12. Only today.