Where are bookstores going?

I love my Kindle and I buy a lot of paper books from Amazon, but I still like to go to a book store specially to buy magazines and every now and then a book.

That is what I did today. Asked for the guy about the book, he pointed me in a direction and mumbled it should be over there. I did not find the book and came back. He looked in the computer, said they were out of the book but they could order online and I would be able to pick up in 7 days. Well, Amazon delivers at my door in less than 48 hours.

Then I went to look for some magazines and decided I would sit down to check which I would buy. The couches were gone. No more place to sit and relax while you browse some buying options.

This and the fact that bookstores usually carry generic titles with mass appeal and not a lot of niche specific.

I’m really sorry for the 11,000 people loosing their jobs at Borders but it is really difficult to find a reason to visit a bookstore theses days.