Seniors Travel Online to Book Trips

Are you paying attention to seniors in your marketing?

Over eight in 10 consumers ages 50 and older use websites to plan and book leisure trips
eMarketer expects 58.7 million US consumers ages 55 and older to use the internet this year, representing 69.0% of that age demographic and 23.3% of internet users. As internet usage becomes more common among seniors, they’re heading to the digital world to perform many tasks, including those related to travel.

An October 2013 study by AARP found that 83% and 84% of consumers ages 50 and older used websites to book and plan leisure travel, respectively. Those ages 60 to 69 were the most likely to use websites to plan and book nonbusiness trips, while the 50-to-59 age group was the least likely to use sites for organizing and booking travel.

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