Simple, Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Sales Without Spending a Dime

We just came back from ACLC event with Adam Urbanski where we spoke about having your own web tv show. We had the opportunity to see great speakers during this 4 day event. My favorite speaker was Lisa Sasevich so I decided to post here one of her articles:

The Invisible Close

Why do I need to make a Special Offer if my product is
great on its own?
Even if you have a fantastic product or service, which I’m
assuming you do, you need to have a reason for your
prospects to buy today, while they are inspired and taking
the time to consider your product. It has to feel like they
would be leaving so much on the table if they waited that
they choose to buy today rather than lose the deal.

People who take time “to think about it,” like I did at the
Pole Dancing class or the Best Selling Author’s seminar,
rarely go back-even though our experiences with the
businesses may have been great. When I left to go “think
about it,” I simply went back to my life, where the
priorities of being a wife, mother and businesswoman became
more immediate than registering for a class.

This is a crucial point: People usually don’t come back
after “thinking about it.” The most “action” you will ever
receive is on the spot.
Turning a great event into a profitable one!
Here’s an example of how I helped a client increase sales
from live events through the use of an Irresistible Offer.
As I go through the example, I’ll point out the key
elements that comprise a truly Irresistible Offer.

One client of mine had a cosmetic laser business. He had
been hosting a series of evening events in which mostly
women would attend and receive an education on cosmetic
laser treatments, nice appetizers and, in this particular
event, a free laser hair removal treatment. The event was
designed so that the guests would receive a great deal of
value out of the evening, even if they didn’t buy anything.
Although the events were fun and impressive, they were not
as profitable as they could be. The owner, who knew one of
my other clients and had seen the benefit of structuring an
Irresistible Offer correctly, hired me to make these events
more profitable.

So, I came in and I went to one of the events. They had a
great turnout. I found the presentation informative and
very well delivered with almost nothing to correct-which is
very unusual for Mrs. Betterway. However, when they got to
the end of the presentation, the problem was obvious. There
was no Tonight Only Irresistible Offer.

The company offered a couple of discounts and few package
deals, but the owner didn’t present the offerings as
“tonight only.” In fact, they didn’t even put a pen and a
registration form in people’s hands. They simply listed
their offerings and left it at that.

When I dug deeper, I found something else that is very
common. Because the crowd consisted of a high-end clientele
with some notable people on the guest list, the owner was
very sensitive to appearing pushy or salesy. Like most of
us who own businesses, he didn’t want people to feel like
they were being closed or pressured in any way.

I agree that making people feel pressured does not help
with sales conversion and can, in fact, hurt your results.
The problem is, because most business owners are
oversensitive to appearing salesy, they overcompensate and
end up killing their results anyway.

Today Only versus Time to Think About It; The no-pressure
way to sales conversion
The key to having people feel compelled to register without
feeling pressured has to do with how you structure your
Special Offers. In the case of this cosmetic laser
business, we structured the offer so that the customer
would get a significant discount and some great free
services if they purchased one of the three special
packages within a week, and a much more significant
offering of free services if they chose to purchase it the
night of the event.

This is a beautiful solution because the owner did not have
to apply pressure to his prospects. The guests applied it
to themselves as they attempted to figure out whether it
was worth it to them to leave hundreds of dollars behind to
have a week to think about it. In most cases, if they were
interested, they did the sales job on themselves.

This allowed the owner to remain relaxed and able to assume
the attitude, “These are great deals. You are welcome to
take up to a week to decide which is best for you. If you
are ready to go and would like to purchase tonight, you
will also get the additional savings and services we are
offering tonight.”

For the duration of the event, he remained relaxed and of
service, helping them figure out whatever they needed to be
able to make a purchase that night if they so chose.
The conversion results at these events went through the
roof by offering this no-pressure Irresistible Offer,
averaging a 60% close rate for packages that cost a few
thousand dollars each.

In “The Invisible Close,” I cover A LOT MORE about
Irresistible Offers, how to design them and how to present
them effectively. To give you an idea of what you can
expect in this chapter alone:
* I’ll show you exactly how we crafted the laser offers so
that if women bought within a week of the event, they
received a generous assortment of freebies, but the company
also presented a Tonight Only Bonus that included an
additional free service worth $1,000. Thus, if they were
even slightly interested, they had to weigh the fact that
they would be leaving $1,000 of service on the table in
exchange for a night to ’sleep on it.”

* You’ll know exactly where to start when designing
Irresistible Offers…your goals or theirs?
* You’ll see ways that you can give away a lot but have it
cost you very little.
* I’ll teach you how to identify and use what I call
“Little Soldiers” to get the word out about what you offer
* You’ll know how to distinguish if it’s truly irresistible
or a bundle of fluff? It’s important to see what makes a
package really attractive versus what cheapens it.
* I’ll reveal my number one source for perfecting an
already existing offer. It’s right in front of our face
most of the time, but we can’t see it.
* I’ll show you how to get people out of the “yes” or “no”
mindset and have them start shopping…the mode you want them
* And you’ll get a copy of my FAVORITE registration form
which I have used to close millions of dollars of business
for clients in many different industries.
As I said, these are some of the topics covered under the
chapter about Irresistible Offers. “The Invisible Close ~
97 Closely Guarded Secrets to Using Irresistible Offers and
to Boosting Sales Without Being Salesy” contains 21
no-fluff chapters, each one more loaded with immediately
useful information than the next.

To purchase your copy, find out more about “The Invisible
Close,” and to see the Irresistible Offers available to you
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Stay in touch with your ‘Irresistible Offers’ coach
For some of you, what I’ve given you so far may seem like a
lot to digest all in one gulp, but who says you have to do
that? I recommend that you start with the ideas and
strategies that most inspire you. As you begin to implement
that which you’ve learned in this guide, you will start to
see the fruits of this simple, inexpensive labor come back
to you in spades.

No charge for reporting miracles!
Please share your success stories with me! I LOVE knowing
which tips really worked for you and what kind of increases
in sales conversion you’re experiencing from your efforts.
Who knows…maybe you’ll be one of the success stories I
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