Business lessons I learned while knitting

A while ago I decided to learn how to knit. At first I thought it would be boring because projects take forever to be completed but many many months after that decision, here I am still knitting.
When I decided to learn I went after a store that would give classes. I found this one where every Tuesday they offer an open class where people can work in different projects. I started to attend this class thinking I would meet only old grandmothers with nothing to do. I know, I know. Sometimes I’m full of BS.
To my surprise, the large group had people from all ages and genders. It is a vibrant group where talking and sharing never ends. Every week you end up looking forward to meet again those people.

Here are 2 big business lessons: Create a community around you, let them share experiences and create a bond. This is what builds a tribe. You will also using the same time slot to help a lot of people instead of one at a time.

The owner goes from person to person helping them in their different challenges. She checks what they are doing, what tools they are using and every now an then she introduces them to a new tool that they cannot live without. 9 out of 10 they purchase the tool.
I’m always paying a lot of attention on how she does this because she sells without being pushy and people are always willing to buy. She sells like few people I know.

Business lesson 2- Always be upselling to existing customers

Almost every week she brings pieces that she made during the weekend. This week she brought a gorgeous skirt for little girls. Silver background with black witches and trees. Everybody was amazed by how pretty it was and started asking how they could get one. She announced she would be selling kits. You had to get on a waiting list because however many kits she put together were already gone.

People ran downstairs to put their orders in. Some even bought more than one. The kit was selling for $50. Not a cheap item. Everyone was happy.

Business lesson 3: Innovate every now and them, bring elements of surprise, create some sense of urgency and scarcity.

Every now and then I hear marketers say there is no money in crafts. I say, that every time people have an irrational passion about something they will spend money over and over.

Add the components I mentioned above and you have a perfect storm.

I suggest some marketers go take a knitting class with my teacher.
She makes money like a ballerina would dance.