Refining your positioning

Positioning is not a simple thing. you don’t get done in one day. You need to answer several questions in order to know how to position yourself in the market as a small business owner. You need to know exactly who is your ideal client, in what business you are really in and what is the end result your provide.

You may get quite close to the perfect positioning but there will be some refining over time either because your business changes or the market changes.

Have always in mind that there are two main reasons that impact sales conversion: the level of trust people have in your company and how clear is your message to your target audience. Positioning has to do with both of them.

We try to refine our promise to the market every now and then because we think that although it is ok, was never perfect. We finally think we have something that will resonate well with our audience and makes the message really clear about what we do.

It is: Your modern marketing GPS.

I don’t know about you but I love my GPS.  It took  a lot of frustration out of my life and quite a few arguments between my daughter and me. i don’t get lost anymore and I arrive wherever I’m going with no anxiety and on time. We named our GPS Nicky.  We are about to buy another one for our geoaching experiences.

They are a piece of new technology that don’t invade your life and are extremely useful.

We believe that what we do as marketing advisors is pretty similar. We provide the kind of knowledge that people can apply and see results. They don’t feel overwhelmed or anxious and can track results. We can guide them to amazing new places in their business and lead them through business breakthroughs.

So we are quite content with this promise.

Tell me about yours