Buyer Psychology: The Ethical Bribe

You know that if you offer something free on your site you will be able to create a list of prospects. Not only that, if you do a favor to someone, this person will feel the need to give back, which can be good for your business. Ethical bribes are very common on websites. Maybe you have one on yours. does it bring lots of prospects?
If not, you might want to take a look in this scenario:

A person is researching your product on your website. Their intuitive brain has approved the brand experience up to the point when they decide they are interested in downloading a free whitepaper kit off of your site. However, the landing page to download the kit is asking for their email address and name. Their rational brain is now taking the front seat and evaluating if the value of the whitepaper is worth the trade off of providing their email and name. How does a marketer assist them in this process?

Using statistics citing a reliable source
Clearly stating benefits (with bullet points)
Providing a description of exactly what will happen once they submit their email address
Showing a picture of the product or service (or the results of using it!)

What is Brain Based Marketing?

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