Smart entrepreneurs should take smart actions

Sounds obvious, I know, but why people don’t do it?
You see things changing in the market place, you see consumer behavior shifting, so why you as a business owner don’t adapt to it?
We find all kinds of excuses to avoid change and try new things but this impacts the results we have in business.

There are exceptions.
We talk a lot here that consumers don’t want to be over flooded with information, they just want small bites of information that they can apply and see results right away. In fact we say this all the time. Most people understand the concept and just keep doing whatever they do.

Chris Makell form Chris Makell coaching not only understood the concept, but took action. She decided to give entrepreneurs just the right amount of information so they can take action and see results fast.

She calls it Summer refresher series. 30 minutes where she interviews an expert and where they tell specific actions people need to take.
Simple, fun and effective. No sales at all, just content.

It is brilliant because she is giving people what they want and what they need.

Attraction Marketing: Marketing Transparency

This is a great post by Chris Makell that I’ve posted below on Marketing Transparency.

In my mail last week, I received an interesting letter from my Acura dealer. I purchased my TL 4 years ago and am proud to say it’s paid off! Yay!

Having purchased cars for over 20 years (yeah, don’t try to do the math…smile) I’ve never had this experience before. And I thought, if we as business owners used this level of marketing transparency with our clients, wow…what that could mean!

Let me share a bit of the letter so that you see what I mean. It begins:

“Dear Ms. Makell,

Acura realizes the more transparent the auto buying experience, the more enjoyable it is for our customers.” Ok, so you’re probably saying, “duh.”

But it goes on… “As a loyal customer of Acura (I do let them change my oil, only) you can expect to receive updated quotes periodically, to keep you informed of your options. When the time is right to upgrade to a new vehicle you’ll have all the information you need.”

Ok, again, you’re probably saying, Chris, makes sense…you may be ready to “think” about a new car since your car is now in it’s 5th year and they want to be sure you think of them! Obvious, right?

Do you do this with YOUR clients? I don’t…

This is an excellent example of follow up AND ensuring client loyalty. By connecting with me to let me know that THEY know I may be ready to purchase another Acura and providing me with great pricing options, I am more likely to return to an Acura model. I can tell you Toyota didn’t do that…

So, how can you make this “marketing transparency” work for you and your business?

Consider this… After you’ve concluded a program with your clients, or they’ve purchased a product from you, create a system to follow up or check in with them. Let them know what new programs your have or new products you’re offering. This could be as simple as sending a postcard, regular card, short note to see how your client (never a “former”, once a client — always a client) is doing or how they are still getting results from their time with you. Or you can simply give them a call to say hi, I was thinking of you!

How about letting them invest in a new program or product by giving them an “incentive” price based on their past spending with you? You can also give them one month free in a new program, or buy one get one free!

It’s simply letting them know that they are still top of mind for you. Clients really appreciate that!

Listen, what Acura doesn’t know is that I tend to keep my cars for an average of 9 years, but I am so impressed with this approach, that I immediately saw it’s value for my customers. I like my TL a lot — for me and I like this approach a lot — for my clients! Maybe you will too…