I bet at some point every now and then you think about what you could do to attract more clients, and I bet that every time someone mentions a new tool like Pinterest, you pay attention.

The fact is that I could talk to you about scalpels and drill bits all day long and this would not really help you be a good brain surgeon. You need to understand the architecture of the process first. It may be fun to experiment with tools but it will not bring good results, and it might bring a lot of sorrow to the prospect patient.

Now when you understand the architecture of the process, tools are invaluable. I know that deep inside you are aware of that but why then you spend a lot more time testing tools then in the strategy?

First let’s think about the clients. There are clients and clients. Good clients, bad clients and if you attract bad clients, it is your own fault. Let’s leave this part to another time.

What you really need to attract are avid clients, clients that you think have some type of OCD because they just cannot stop buying from you. The question is: how do you attract them?

There are two main points you need to focus on: 1: You need to become irresistible to your prospects and clients by crafting the right message, story and positioning. This is where everyone should start and without it, your marketing goals will be very difficult and expensive to achieve. This is not about a clever tagline but about how you touch the prospect or customer on an emotional level all the time.

2: Work on your Business Choreography™. Every single detail where you are in touch with your clients: phone, negotiation, packages etc. Here is where you incorporate some rituals in every process. The right Business Choreography™ can put you in a place without any competition or as some entrepreneurs refer to: In business heaven.

After this is in place, you can go and have fun with social media. This is the difference about having a strategy and the right package versus random acts and disjointed pieces.

Developing a message that resonates with your market on an emotional level and a business choreography™ creates interest, attention, loyalty and referrals. It involves some thinking and working, it is not magic, but will bring results for a long, long time.

Playing with tools without knowing what you’re doing is fun but puts you back at kindergarten level, not on top of the market.

Sometimes creating all this is not easy and besides you should bring a pair of fresh eyes into the creation of this process. An experienced marketing advisor like us. We are a call or e-mail away. In case you forgot our info: / 801-842-9765.

We are good at magic too. We can show you a multitude of online tools for your entertainment. The difference is our open architecture thinking and the ability to show you how to create a business choreography™ and then choose the social tools that will provide more results for your efforts.

This is the best way to attract clients that stay.