Are you coachable?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Of course we all think we are coachable, but are we really?
There are some points you need to check before approaching a business or marketing coach:

Are you willing to face your fears and take action? You can create a multitude of excuses but for a coaching program to work you must be willing to face your fears and take action.

Do you follow instructions and test new approaches?

Are you receptive to ideas that are different and take you out of your comfort zone?

Do you trust that your coach has your success in mind?

Do you listen with the intent to learn?

Do you allow the coach to follow his/her system or do you come with your own agenda and spend all the time asking questions?

Do you understand the breakthroughs might come during and after the session and credit your coach?

To be coachable means to lack arrogance and defensiveness… to minimize pride and ego. Completely teachable. Completely trainable.

Can you be coached?

A short while ago we decided to get a coach that could take us to our next level. One of the things we agreed on was to try not to over analyze each idea and do what he told us. When one thing didn’t work our approach was to try to figure where we failed instead of blaming him. We acted fast and followed instructions and what we saw was not only our business changing into a far more profitable model, our income doubled after 3 months. Funny enough, on the first 30 days some things we tried didn’t work, but we kept going. Major breakthroughs happened later, not because he was there but because we were able to learn a different thinking process. Made all the difference. How much is that worth? A lot.

Every business owner needs a coach or mentor. No matter where they are in their business. But they need to allow the time for things to happen and be open to changes.