New Facebook Privacy changes

Facebook is rolling out new privacy controls today. Here is what you need to know about this change:

1) Everyone will be “findable” in Facebook’s search. If you have an FB account, you will not be able to hide from others searching for your name.

2) The process to request that others remove uploaded pictures of you will be made easier.

3) You will be able to see how your personal data is being shared by Facebook’s Open Graph.

4) Apps will now be required to ask you separately 1) whether they can access your information and 2) whether they can post status updates on your behalf. (Before this change, these questions were combined.)

5) The new privacy settings will allow you to choose which friends or subscribers can access your personal info (about section, status updates, pictures.)

According to Mashable: “You’ll know you have the new privacy features when a privacy shortcut appears in the top-right corner of your Facebook window.”