Web Coupon Power

With the economy still shaky at the moment, internet coupons are in an all time high. This is not only good for people looking to save some money on their purchases, it is also an great opportunity for businesses because they not only attract new customers, they also solidify relationships.

In the last year alone, searches for coupons increased 41%.

One great advantage of using web coupons is that you can easily track conversion and forwards.

If you use a shopping cart like 1shoppingcart, you can easily create a coupon code to add to your pages or you may want to go with companies that specialize in coupons and offer more tracking possibilities.

Some of these companies are Couponsinc.com, miva merchant and e-centives.com

After you decide which system to use, you need to create and  “give” coupons away. One way of doing that is to add the coupon to your existing e- newsletter or printed newsletter. You may want to add the offer to the subject line since it tends to increase response up to 24%. You should offer coupons in your newsletters on a regular basis. You may even have coupon newsletters (just with your deals) going out once a month.

You may send coupons using RSS feed .

There are hundreds of websites that allow you to post coupons for free. This will also increase traffic to your website that is an added benefit.

Add your coupons to Facebook, Twitter, pay-per-click campaigns and other social networks you belong to.

Look for companies like Cellfire.com where you can have coupons send to cell phones.

Depending on the coupon system you are using, you may even accept your competitor’s coupons. How sweet is that?

When creating your coupons don’t forget to clearly state the offer and have a deadline. The deadline creates a sense of urgency. Express the exact amount very clearly.

Don’t forget that coupons offer value, help people make a decision and improves the shopping experience. Coupons will improve conversion and will help your business a lot.

Start your coupon program today.

Here are some sites where you can add your coupons: