Find your ideal client- small business marketing

We can’t sell to everybody. We need to find our ideal customer.

For that you need to get inside the mind of your customer and be able to persuade, motivate and sell to them.
If you know who your customer is you can analyze , understand and connect with him/her.

Here are some questions you need to answer in order to profile your ideal client:

1. What brings pain to your customer?
2. What keeps them awake at night?
3. What do they fear the most?
4. Are there any new trends happening in their industry right now?
5. What do they desire?
6. What makes them angry?
7. What things cause them frustration?
8. Is there something specific about their personality?
9. Who else is selling a similar service?
10. How are they selling it?
11. What types of magazines, trade jounals, e-zines they subsctibe to?
12 What’s the average age?
13. What is the average sex, marital status?
14. what is their income level?

By answering these questions you just found a very valuable tool.