Local Business Marketing Domination

Most service professionals use only one or two ways to market their business and keep doing the same thing for years. Two examples are postcards and mailers. While these methods can bring good results, it is based on you having or buying a list every time you need new clients.

The internet receives millions of searches a day from people looking for specific services and products. These are very targeted prospects ready to buy.
When people look for you online, do you show among the first results without paying for clicks?

Have you heard of local search?
When people look for your services on Google, a Google map shows up showing the local results. Are you on Google Maps? Even if you are, are you showing for the different types of services you provide?
I’m asking you this because many businesses are listed on Google maps but they don’t show for their main search terms or show only for one of them.
There is more. When people are searching for a service like yours from their mobile phones, do you show up?

35% of all online searches contain a city, state or zip code. If you’re not showing up you are leaving a lot of money on the table.
The internet has now surpassed print Yellow Pages and newspaper as a primary source for local consumer service information. And the adoption of smart phones will only add to these numbers; 27 percent of all mobile searches are for local information.

When I mentioned that you can benefit from this without spending a penny, I refer to the fact that Google will not charge you for the listings, nor the directories that will help people find your business over the phone.
You just need to do it right and you can have your business showing for different search terms, have it listed on local directories that will drive traffic to your business and will show on smart phone applications that are geo-based, so people will find you when using their phones.

This is part of what Google calls Local Marketing and is one of the best ways to get more clients and spend less.
This is so important to Google that when you type a service on the search bar that contains a service that is supposed to be local even if you don’t type a city, it will provide local results only.
Go ahead and give it a try. Go to Google and type “Restaurants”. You will see that the results shown are all local.
You just cannot ignore the power this has and not have your business listed. Have in mind that 75% of all online activity is related to local. 54% of the US population has already substituted online searches for books, yellow, blue or any other color.

While the strategy here is a simple one, I can assure you that most of your competition is not paying attention to this and are still offering the same offers using the same channels they have used for years.

I know you are different and you want to stay ahead of the game. You want to attract clients without a lot of work and without spending a lot of money. You understand that things have changed, the economy has changed and the way people buy has changed. It just doesn’t make any sense to keep marketing to them the same way!
Did you know we can do the work for you and list you on the maps, on geo-based applications and local directories?

The normal investment is only $350, but just for my subscribers i’m offering the same package for $250 for the next 24 hours. After that, it goes back to normal.

Dominate  local marketing