Internet Marketing: Membership ideas for businesses

I’m yet to see a business that cannot have some kind of continuity program.

This week I found this article in Springwise on some fellow brazilians selling bread in a continuity program.

You can see that there are membership ideas everywhere:

Los Paderos is a Brazilian site that sends subscribers three loaves of fresh-made artisan bread each week.

Scarcely a week goes by without us discovering some fresh new application of the subscription model, and this week is no exception. The innovation this time? Los Paderos, a Brazilian site that sends subscribers three loaves of fresh-made artisan bread each week.

Los Paderos’ breads are made in a wide range of varieties, without preservatives and using natural fermentation processes. Rather than baking them all the way, however, Los Paderos sells its breads semi-finished and cooled. Customers can then store them in the fridge for up to two weeks; when they’re ready to use the bread, they simply finish baking it and enjoy it piping hot from their own oven. Subscribers get three loaves of their choice each week for a monthly price of BRL 60.

Is there any limit on the convenience and appeal of recurring home deliveries for frequently used products? We don’t think so either, and the added element of semi-baking for completion at home only adds to the appeal. How could a subscription model deliver some fresh stability and repeat business to your innovative brand?


Top seven reasons to start a member based program

Here are the top 7 reasons to start a membership program. There are many more but take a look at the main reasons:

1. You know how much money is coming.

2. Your bills will be covered by the residual income of a membership program so you can use your time and resources to build the business you love.

3. The money coming in is not from you trading time for dollars

4. No more ups and downs or slow months.

5. By having a steady income stream you are able to create wealth

6. You don’t have to work 8 hours a day to make it happen.

7. You create a tribe around you. People that respect your advice and talk about you to others

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