Marketing with MindMaps

We use Mindmaps in almost all of our meetings and we just love it.

Mindmaps are visual diagrams to represent concepts or tasks that could be connected.

Its unique unstructured but connected nature makes it a great tool for any kind of brainstorming.
It can also be used for product creation, problem solving, site creation, marketing maps. identify audiences and ideal clients, product launches, sales funnels.
Helps you organize ideas. If you study consumer behavior, you can use this tool to see what is their connection (this would help you find other markets to the same product or service). You may also use it to find new opportunities for content development.

Mind maps are guarantee to improve effectiveness and efficiency in any small business. It can be one of the most valuable tools for small business marketing.

Here are some Mindmaps tools you can check:

Mindjet: Available for MAC and PC