Using mobile apps in your business as a small business marketing strategy

Most business owners I talk to still think that mobile marketing is only for offering coupons. It is rare that they see any other use for a mobile app. They do know about games but most also don’t see the benefit of one for their business. I’ll leave the game part out for today. I want to focus on the many things you could offer your customers by having an app.

There are major benefits of using a mobile app.
* First, the web is decentralizing. We are transitioning to use more cel phones and tablets. Just making a website mobile friendly doesn’t mean much although it is necessary.

*Second, an app can teach your audience to come back to you on a regular basis and this is huge because it is very difficult to do that, specially online. If they perceive you as a content provider and want to consume your information, they will come back to you but if they carry “you” in their pocket, you just made this a lot easier for them.

*Third, when someone clicks on an app and uses it, for that period of time they are giving undivided attention to your content. Another action that is really hard to happen online. As business owners we want attention and we want undivided attention.

So here are a few ideas:

In real estate:

Display available homes with pictures
Home buying or selling consultation form
Allow clients to view nearby schools, restaurants, churches
Push messages with new offers

Restaurants, clubs and bars:

Offer loyalty coupons
Available food ordering from your phone
Reserve seats
Full menu
Push messages with special offers or events
Include your event schedule

Law firms

Legal consultation form
Blog, videos and podcasts
send clients a one touch message
market to potential clients at the app store

Music bands:

Sell your songs though Itunes
Stream your videos and audios
Display concert schedules

Complete work guide
Track your record notepad
Full class fitness schedule
Send messages to your clients


Send donations
Prayer request
blog, videos and podcasts
Send messages directly to your members


Receive donations
Full event schedule
Send messages to sponsors

And there are many more things that can be done, including generating sales from the phone. We have also used as a training tool for distributors with some of our clients.

Mobile apps can be huge for your business and yes, you should be getting one. The investment is not high anymore and most business can afford building an app.

If you need more information on mobile apps for businesses, let us know.