Neuromarketing in Webdesign

Here are a few tips on how to optimize your site to engage customers according to NeuroMarketing:

  • Leverage emotion in the copy and images. The brain likes to have multiple sensory inputs to process the highly complex realm of emotions
  • Don’t use more than 4 visual clusters. It makes it harder for the brain to process the message.
  • Use pictures with faces. We are hard wired to look at faces.
  • Place images on the left, text on the right. The image will be perceived by the right side of theĀ  brain and the text will be decoded by the left side of the brain.
  • Women engage faster with faces and respond to direct eye contact- (choose your pictures carefully).
  • Show images of people experiencing your product or service- Specially important for the food and beverage industry.
  • Copy and images need to be emotionally relevant