How to be successful selling online

For a small business to be successful selling online there are a few steps to consider and none of them have to do with a lot of technology.

1. Use Google first and research which keywords people are searching for. This will bring you a lot of insights and will teach you to think like your audience thinks.

2. Work constantly on your copy. There is no such thing as set and forget. You can always refine bullets and prices and test different approaches.

3. Don’t forget testimonials. They help increase trust and credibility. Use testimonials in text format with pictures, audio and video.

4. Online Video matters. They don’t need to be fancy. Make as many videos as you can. How to use the product, product suggestion etc. You can combine here QRcodes in your products leading to videos suggesting different uses, other products, what is the product good for etc.

5. Don’t forget follow-up. Contact your audience with interesting e-mails or videos. You need to be top of mind here.