Streaming Media West 2013

We had a blast this year at Streaming Media West. They found the perfect venue for this event, now at the Hyatt in Huntington beach. The place was great for networking, for parties and for the sessions.

We attended all the sessions on connected TVs and OTTs. and good information was shared in all of them. The presentation by Adam Besserman
Head of West Coast Development for Yahoo was excellent. He was showing the scenario for video series and what Yahoo is doing.

Some specific points about this presentation will be in our Buzzbooster TV show.

From the producer series I attended a session on Church marketing that was very good. Showing how churches now are moving towards live streaming and their challenges. I was not aware of the reasons why but had noticed the amount of church channels on Roku before.

Intel did a great job at their party. It was fun and allowed for a lot of networking. We were able to talk to quite a few people.

On the trade show, my favorite was the Paladin box. Even though I really don’t like pink and the box is bright pink, I can tell you that this box can change the life of a broadcaster. I see so many possibilities. It is light and easy to carry which is a big deal when you have to take your equipment around. It allows you to live stream while using 3 cameras. You can also record and do the editing. this box takes a lot out of post-production and like I said has a lot of possibilities.  You should check Paladin box.

Check our shows this week because we have more on Streaming Media West 2013

streaming media west 2013