Top seven reasons to start a member based program

Here are the top 7 reasons to start a membership program. There are many more but take a look at the main reasons:

1. You know how much money is coming.

2. Your bills will be covered by the residual income of a membership program so you can use your time and resources to build the business you love.

3. The money coming in is not from you trading time for dollars

4. No more ups and downs or slow months.

5. By having a steady income stream you are able to create wealth

6. You don’t have to work 8 hours a day to make it happen.

7. You create a tribe around you. People that respect your advice and talk about you to others

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How to create Membership programs that work

Over the years we have created quite a few revenue streams. The ones I like the most are our member based programs. We have membership sites, done 4 you services on continuity, micro-continuity etc.

What I like the most about them is the fact that I know ahead of time how much money is coming from these programs. These allow us to sleep at night and to have all the bills paid because of these programs. For a long time in my life I kept awake at night just thinking of what I would do to pay the bills on the next day.

But there are many other benefits.

Most offline businesses are not familiar with the concept of continuity programs or member based programs.

When we started promoting this week’s webcast I even got some e-mails from people saying this didn’t apply for their business. Funny enough, one of them was a guy that owns a Gym. What is his business model after all if not a member based business?

The fact is that your business is not different and online, offline or with both you can create membership programs that can bring another stream of revenue to your business or, if you want, can be run as a totally separate business.

It is this Thursday that we’ll give you the outline on how to create your own membership program. Don’t miss this one because it can bring a lot more profit into your new year.

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