Tips to create a printed newsletter

E-mails are great, e-zines fantastic but printed newsletters keep your prospects and customers paying more attention to you. Yes, they are not free but they will bring you more ROI than the eletronic options.

Here are a list of things you need to put in place in order to have your enwsletter.

1. A overall template- You can find them online.
2. Use graphics to support the text and don’t over use them.
3. The first page must be compelling enough to make people open and read the rest.
4. Add boxes like ” What’s inside”. They work as teasers.
5. Big headlines to capture the eye
6. Do a newsletter every month
7. Each one must have an overall goal.
8. Include a coupon or gift certificate.
9. Add a tracking code to the coupon or gift certificate.
10. Print your newsletter with 4 pages- one page od 11×17″
11. Do it in black and white on white paper
12. Add standard information- name of newsletter, contact info, website, edition number.
13. Master powerful headlines
14. Mix short and long articles.
15. Make headlines and sub-headlines one font bigger and bolder.
16. Open sentence and paragraph must be kept short and very intriguing to pull them into the copy