We are all weird- a new way for publishing?

Seth Godin released today his new book We are all weird. He is also testing a new way to generate more sales for the book. I’ve pasted below his post about this strategy.
What do you think about it? I know I got my copy right away.
I agree with his point of digital printing. I used to be a die hard fan of paper books but today Kindle is my new best friend. I love the portability and the instant gratification.

Here is his post:

Special alert for Domino readers…

My new book, We Are All Weird goes on sale today. We only have 11,000 hardcover copies on sale at Amazon, with no plans to print more. I wanted you to have first dibs. (PS, Outside the USA? click here).

Why limit the number printed?

Conventional publishing wisdom says that the first 10,000 copies are the hardest. In fact, you don’t make money until after that. The goal is to prime the pump and then, if you get lucky, sell millions and millions of hardcovers, day after day, year after year. That’s what pays the bills at all the large publishing houses.

The thing is, digital is better at infinity than paper ever will be. Digital is easy to keep in stock, easy to replenish, easy to connect with. Paper, on the other hand, benefits from scarcity. If you know that there are only a few books and then they’re gone, you’re more likely to hurry up, more likely to grab yours now, more likely to treasure it once you get it. And in a digital world, a book that’s not worth treasuring is not worth owning, is it?

So the bet I’m making is that the scarcity of the hardcover will help you decide to read it right now. And I hope you will, because this is one of the most important books I’ve ever written. And then, after you read it, I hope you’ll share the ideas, perhaps loan your copy or encourage a friend to get the free Kindle reader and get the Kindle edition for herself.

If the hardcover is gone by the time you read this, I apologize, we did our best to guess how many would satisfy the first wave of interest. I think it’s inevitable that publishing is going to move in this direction–hardcover collectibles for those that want them, digital for those in search of the ideas.

Thanks as always for helping with these experiments in the form and content of publishing.

And tweet away at #weirddomino. Summary of a lot of this right here.

[Interesting aside: the scarcity of the book is changing the way I’m interacting with it. Usually, I hand out books like candy, because I can always get more. I’m feeling mysteriously scrooge-like now, though, wondering if someone is hardcover-worthy. Just like concert tickets to a sold out show, things feel different when there’s a limit.]

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Small business marketing- The sure-fire recipe for business success

This one I copied brom Seth Godin‘s blog. I find it extremely relevant especially because we get more and more people looking for a magic pill that will make them millions overnight.

The sure-fire recipe for business success

Wait, I was confused. There’s a sure-fire recipe for delicious chocolate chip cookies. There is in fact a magic formula.

For businesses, not so much. There isn’t one secret, one process, one solution. Instead, there are a thousand or maybe a million.

It’s not a jigsaw puzzle, it’s a strand of DNA, easily rearranged and sometimes it even works. For a while.

The sales you don’t make

This post is from Seth Godin‘s blog. As usual to the point.
“Do a search on great jazz singer “Emily Barlow” in Amazon and you’ll find… nothing. That’s because her first name is spelled Emilie and Amazon gives up.

Do a search on Lord of the Flies and you’ll find tons of matches, but none of the top ones are for the book–they’re all for expensive annotated or educator’s editions. Broken search = no sale.

It’s extremely difficult to figure out why people walk out of your store, throw out your brochure, leave your site… but in fact, this is fertile territory for dramatically increasing sales. You won’t find what’s broken if you don’t look.”

Thought you’d enjoy this post.
Let me remind you that we have a webinar this week on Unconventional sales strategies and you need to register.