Social media manager or Social media agency?

I made a comparison between pros and cons of social media managers and social media agencies. This for the case of you looking to start a new business. I need to say that both options are good because they are in very high demand.

They are both cheap to start
They both have ongoing fees
You are not obliged to have an advertising fee like you would in a franchise business, but of course you do need a budget to advertise your business

Social media agency would bring more name recognition that a social media manager.

They are both proven business models and both in very high demand now and in the next few years.

A social media agency usually has proprietary systems in place and these systems allow people running the business more freedom.

A social media marketing agency also provides the owner the ability to scale more than a social media manager. The manager can create a team in order to scale.

Which one is right for you?
I’d say that is a personality thing. You can run both from home. With any you can achieve 6 figures in a relative short period of time.
How big do you want to go?

Ongoing Fees

Required Advertising Fees

Name Recognition

Proven Business Model

Ongoing Support

Proprietary system

More freedom