Because Life Happens

As many of you know a few years ago we added to our consulting business a social media marketing agency.

Since then it has been such a ride. We couldn’t do this alone and along came several new team members. They helped us make the agency possible and successful.

Our team members live in very different places. Some in the US, some abroad. 4 of them live in the Philippines. As you also know some days ago the Philippines had some very bad typhoons. 3 of our members were in that path.

Just 2 days ago we were able to communicate with them. They are all alive as well as their families but had their homes destroyed or badly damaged. I learned that home insurance is not something most people there have because it is very expensive. I guess you know why. They have to rebuild everything with their own resources.

These people are extremely reliable, nice and important to us. We are very thankful for their help. We want to make sure they can go back to a normal, or close to normal life as soon as possible.

We are doing what we can but we need your help.

We decided to offer you our most popular program for 75% off.

This is a program that shows people how to create and run their own social media marketing agency. But this is not a program that serves only entrepreneurs thinking about opening their own agency.

This is a great program for business owners using social media, VAs and entrepreneurs that outsource and want to do this headache free. The audio on how to structure and work with out-of-site people is alone worth the investment. The classes on local marketing are also invaluable to any business trying to attract more customers.

You will also see how to use and manage YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for maximum results.

The entire program is online and access is immediate. Even if you are very busy now getting your turkey ready for Thanksgiving you can get this program now, and go through it when you have the time. You have lifetime access.

There is a lot there for you to use in your business. We are only asking you to invest $197. Like I said, 75% off for the next 72 hours.

Here is the page where you can find more information and actually get the program:

You have 72 hours and we really appreciate your help!

Do You Know Why You Need Social Media Marketing?

Most people looking to hire a social media agency do so because they think they could use more visibility.

Visibility is always a good thing in business especially when you can get it with a small investment, but you should know that there is a bigger reason for your business to have a presence in Social Media websites.

The big reason why you need to use social media marketing in your business is because if you don’t, you won’t show well in search engines anymore.

See that for yourself. Go to Google and type something like: “how to use a wheelchair”

Take a look at the results. Each page brings 10 organic results (plus ads on the side.)

On the search how to use a wheelchair we have:

  • A video from YouTube – social network
  • 2 results from WikiHow – social site
  • Wikipedia- social site
  • Results coming from Google plus – social network 

So at least 5 of the results are leading to social media websites and only the remaining 5 are actual websites!

You can try other searches and you will notice a similar pattern.

Google looks for relevant content coming from social media first, then from normal websites.

You see, by not having a presence on Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest etc., real buyers will have a harder time finding you when they are ready to buy.

Even worse, when they are researching what they need and go to YouTube to check products, and you are not there, someone else will get that sale. YouTube is the second biggest search engine on Earth and it is where people go to research products and services.

Marketing your business online is inexpensive and can be extremely effective when you get the right social media agency to do it for you.

At BuzzBooster you get a company that understands the HME industry (we’re guest marketing speakers at Medtrade!) and in our program you get:

  • The right online positioning strategy
  • Google Maps set up
  • Yelp set up
  • Yahoo maps set up
  • Bing maps set up
  • YouTube Profile Design and Optimization
  • Two YouTube videos a month
  • Facebook Business page design and optimization
  • Daily messages on Facebook
  • Twitter profile design
  • Daily messages on Twitter
  • Pinterest profile optimization
  • Daily Pinterest interaction
  • Google Plus Business Page
  • Daily Messages on Google Plus

 And of course we setup, design and optimize the profile pages in all of these networks for you!

All you have do is lift your finger to run the cash register. 🙂

For the next few days you can get this Social Media Marketing Campaign for only $1,500/mo (normal investment is $2,500/mo) –  Minimum of 3 months.

Get in touch with us today: 801-842-9765 or


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