The Invisible Force: Reimagining Consumer Engagement Beyond Gender Bias

In the contemporary market, an oversight seems to persist—a blind spot towards an immensely influential consumer base: women. Are businesses truly seeing the force behind the female consumer, or are they rendered invisible by ingrained biases?

The Ignored Power of the Female Consumer
It’s alarming how many products and services are designed without considering the significant impact and potential purchasing power of women. There’s a prevailing false assumption that women might not have the economic capability to invest in these offerings. This oversight leads to missed opportunities and a disconnect between businesses and a major demographic.

Shifting Tides: The Evolving Consumer Landscape
Industries that historically fixated on male-centric marketing strategies must recognize that the landscape has dramatically shifted. Women are catalysts for change in consumer behaviors, wielding substantial spending power. The outdated perception that their primary consumer base comprises men no longer aligns with reality.

The Economic Force: Unveiling Female Purchasing Power
By 2028, projections suggest that a staggering 75% of discretionary spending will be attributed to women. This figure serves as a compelling wake-up call for businesses still tethered to the belief that their primary consumers are male.

Rethinking Business Strategies: Embracing Inclusivity
It’s high time for a fundamental reevaluation of business strategies and market approaches. Recognizing the evolving spending power and influence of women is not just a matter of morality; it’s a pragmatic business move. Adapting marketing, product development, and service delivery to be more inclusive can unlock an untapped market potential.

Conclusion: Redefining Perspectives for a Thriving Future
As industries and businesses strive to leap ahead, the pivotal question emerges: Are you still viewing your consumers through an outdated lens? Shifting perspectives, acknowledging the substantial influence of the female consumer, and adapting strategies accordingly is the key to staying relevant and prosperous in the market.

Best times to post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

According to Hubspot here is Best times to post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

The Best and Worst Times to Post, Pin & Tweet

best: 1pm to 4pm- highest click through

Peak time: Wed 3pm

worst time
weekends before or after 8pm


best- Monday-Thursday 1pm to 3pm
peak: Mond to thursd 9am to 3pm
Worst everyday after 8pm- Fridays after 3pm


Best: Sat morning
Peak: Fridays 3pm
Worst: normal work hours

Stupid Advertising

stupid advertising
stupid advertising

That is exactly what we need, to work to like a brand.

This sign is on a street here in Salt Lake. Does not tell me which store, name, what they sell and send them to Facebook, not to the store.

Again, should I stop my car and click on the sign or just go to Facebook and spend time looking for your page?


Pinterest Makes the Holiday Season Less Stressful

This is a great infographic on how Pinterest Makes the Holiday Season Less Stressful
According to a study released by market research company Lab42, 92 percent of Pinterest users said the social network makes the holidays less stressful. In fact, 27 percent saying that the pin-board style website makes the holidays ‘much less stressful’.

The top three Pinteresr categories browsed during the months of November and December are:

1) DIY & Crafts,

2) Holidays & Events, and

3) Food & Drink pinterest marketing

New changes on Facebook

As usual, more changes happening on Facebook. These are actually good ones.
Here is what the great Mari Smith said about these changes:

Two more changes to Facebook’s News Feed just announced! Again, the emphasis is on quality content, relevance and giving priority to related conversations. “Helping You Find More News To Talk About”

Here are the two updates with suggested takeaways:

① Facebook continues to put emphasis on quality content. Now, links to quality articles on external sites will be given priority in the News Feed, especially on mobile. “Meme photos” (hosted outside of Facebook) will be given lower priority in the News Feed.

Facebook’s surveys reveal that on average people prefer links to high quality articles about current events, their favorite sports teams, or shared interests to the latest meme.

In addition, soon after you click on an article in the News Feed to read it, you may see up to three related articles directly below to help you discover more interesting content. Cool!

➤ TAKEAWAY: As we get ready to go into a new year, focus on producing, curating and sharing excellent content that is relevant to your audience. Of course, this has always been the case, but with these new changes, we may start to see (finally!) LINK posts getting better “EdgeRank” (News Feed visibility). Perhaps at some point, link post reach will eventually be on par with status updates and photo posts?! That would be awesome.

② Earlier this year, Facebook announced a new way to push stories you may not have seen in the News Feed yet back up to the top. This tweak to the algorithm is called “Story Bump.” Now, Facebook is adding bumping to also highlight stories with new comments. When you make a comment on a post, often you might not return to that conversation. This new bumping update allows you to resurface stories with new comments to see what else has been said and add to the thread, if you wish.

➤ TAKEAWAY: Make good use of Friend Lists (including the Close Friends List) and Interest Lists to keep a closer eye on key contacts, friends and Pages so you can proactively engage with relevant posts. As you engage with posts, this helps to bump that story higher in the News Feed of the people involved in the conversation. (To learn how to set up Lists, see this post:

Remember, “Content is King but Engagement is Queen and she rules the house!” These two updates to Facebook’s News Feed are great examples of that quote.

Because Life Happens

As many of you know a few years ago we added to our consulting business a social media marketing agency.

Since then it has been such a ride. We couldn’t do this alone and along came several new team members. They helped us make the agency possible and successful.

Our team members live in very different places. Some in the US, some abroad. 4 of them live in the Philippines. As you also know some days ago the Philippines had some very bad typhoons. 3 of our members were in that path.

Just 2 days ago we were able to communicate with them. They are all alive as well as their families but had their homes destroyed or badly damaged. I learned that home insurance is not something most people there have because it is very expensive. I guess you know why. They have to rebuild everything with their own resources.

These people are extremely reliable, nice and important to us. We are very thankful for their help. We want to make sure they can go back to a normal, or close to normal life as soon as possible.

We are doing what we can but we need your help.

We decided to offer you our most popular program for 75% off.

This is a program that shows people how to create and run their own social media marketing agency. But this is not a program that serves only entrepreneurs thinking about opening their own agency.

This is a great program for business owners using social media, VAs and entrepreneurs that outsource and want to do this headache free. The audio on how to structure and work with out-of-site people is alone worth the investment. The classes on local marketing are also invaluable to any business trying to attract more customers.

You will also see how to use and manage YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for maximum results.

The entire program is online and access is immediate. Even if you are very busy now getting your turkey ready for Thanksgiving you can get this program now, and go through it when you have the time. You have lifetime access.

There is a lot there for you to use in your business. We are only asking you to invest $197. Like I said, 75% off for the next 72 hours.

Here is the page where you can find more information and actually get the program:

You have 72 hours and we really appreciate your help!