9 days until Christmas gift- Using Online Videos for Business

Here is another gift for you and for your business.

By now you may be asking why are we doing this, giving products for nothing.


The answer is simple: We want you to really see what is inside our programs and products, to see how in depth we go into each subject and how easy it is to implement these solutions in your business.

We are aware that is the last few months all sorts of experts have appeared in the market. Most of them lack experience or deep knowledge but they all look successful in those cute pictures on Facebook don’t they? All so friendly and available. With lots of time on their hands.

So how do you know who can really show you better ways to get more business and more clients?


I can bash them, I can write many paragraphs about our experience in different industries but there is nothing better that experiencing yourself by going through our programs.


This is your only chance because we don’t have a habit of slashing prices very often. We really want you to know the programs from the inside and once and for all see who you can trust. If you find someone out there that can provide more to the point, useful steps to market your business, please, go buy from them.

We are committed to show entrepreneurs how to reach long lasting prosperity, not make money overnight, and to show you how to get attention from a market, not only get some useless visibility.


Today our gift is access to our most popular program:   How to use online videos for business


Online videos are one of the best marketing tools you can use today. Easy and cheap, extremely effective.

YouTube hits 4 billion views daily. 4 billion chances to show your services to people you have no other way of reaching. YouTube is an open social network- everyone can see your videos. Think about that.

In this program we cover all things online videos and make it so easy my cat Banana could do it.


Normally the online video program sells for $395. Today only you can get for $97


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The social media consultant trap

You probably noticed that there is a new social media marketing consultant born every minute, if not every second.
Sometimes it feels like everybody that knows how to add Facebook friends is becoming a social media expert.
This causes problems to both sides, clients and consultants. It is not because there is a lot of competition.

The client is in a trap because he cannot tell who really has the knowledge to help him, cannot tell if the person really understands marketing a business, ends up making a decision based on price and regrets this decision over time; besides the fact that he never gets the business results he was looking for at the beginning.

The new coach or consultant thinks this is the shiny thing to be in and to make a lot of money fast, focus on learning more and more tools and not marketing concepts and fails to realize that positioning himself as a social media expert will not lead to long lasting prosperity.

Social media is just a small piece of marketing. It is not isolated and will not work as the only form to market a business. Yes, social media marketing is important, can bring amazing results and can be very cost effective but is just one piece of the puzzle.

Besides, focusing only social media tools can turn a consultant into a glorified assistant and not into a solution provider. Failing to understand business and marketing strategies can make this disaster even bigger.

Good coaches and consultants train themselves to see the big picture for their client, a big picture that can be achieved, pin point gaps, bring new forms of revenue and have a structured process to do so. They also understand the need to mix online and offline marketing strategies. When it comes to social media tools, they understand the use of those tools from a marketing perspective, how to generate more awareness, sales and leads. It is way more than telling a company they need to be connected and transparent.

They also need to understand positioning and online optimization.

Unless they love to go from new thing to new thing like a monkey jumps from one tree to another.

Social Media Tools: Future Tweets

An important factor for companies using social media marketing is to automate part of the processes and save time. Yes, there is need for interaction, relationship building etc but you need to automate part of your efforts.
What about pre-scheduling some tweets?
This social media tool can help you with that.

Social media marketing- How to use Quora

This looks like it is a tool that will catch on and have some very good uses for businesses.
This post from Ben Ayers gives some very good tips:

1. For a snapshot of recent notifications, hover your cursor over the home link at the top of the page (if you see a red notification count). You’ll see a few sentences of highlights (as shown in the above screenshot).

2. Questions can be voted up or down. Voting a question up makes it appear in your stream against your profile.

3. Voting a question up also shares that question with your followers.

4. To cancel out your vote up, click the up arrow again. Do not click down to cancel the up, this will in fact collapse the question meaning it will not appear in your stream.

5. You can be public or anonymous on a thread. The option to do this is in the top right of the screen when you are looking at a question. If you choose to be anonymous, all of your interaction with that question will be marked as ‘anonymous user’ instead of linking to your profile. Anonymity does not follow through to other questions though – it’s a question-by-question option.

6. You can link to topics or people simply by typing in speech marks in your question or answer, like this link to Public Relations. As you type, the options appear for your link.

7. Follow people and topics that are of interest to you as this will make your Quora browsing experience infinitely more personalized and useful.

8. For privacy, you can ask Quora to not allow search engines to index your profile – i.e. your name. This is simple to control, under settings at the top of the page. Also simple to find in the same section is the ‘deactivate your account link’ should you want to do that.

9. Quora is very democratic – answers to questions only appear in reverse-chronological order by default. As soon as they start getting votes from readers, they move up or down based on popularity. So always try to say something useful as opposed to braggy, and it will do the site and your usefulness on it wonders.

10. Fill out your profile in as complete a way as you can, because it is very search engine friendly. After under one month on Quora personally, my profile already appears in Google’s front page of search results for my name.

Twitter Trivia

I got this from a presentation by Corey Condello and thought it would be useful to my readers:


*Retweet serves 2 important functions
allows you to post another user’s tweet to your followers
it makes sure you give credit to the original tweeter

* 2 ways to retweet
Click the retweet button on the original tweet
add RT@ with the Twitter name to your post

*what is a Dm?

A direct message is a private Twitter message.

*2 ways to send a DM
Click on the Direct Message button on the sidebar of the user’s profile

* D+@username + message in the tweet box


*Hashtags (#) help categorize tweets. You can add a hashtag to any tweet
*When someone searches for that hashtag, they will see your tweet.

Twitter Lists:

*They allow you to organize your followers into groups
*The lists that you follow show up in your sidebar
*You can create a list by clicking on the “New List” button.

Use Bit.ly to shorten urls.

#FF stands for “Follow Friday”. On Fridays you can post a tweet that suggests people to follow. This is a way to help your favorite tweeters to gain more followers.

Place the @ symbol before the username so that it will link to the user’s profile.