The big shift in marketing for 2023

While the year has just started and I’d like to talk about trends in social media marketing, I must focus on the big shift happening right now.

This big shift is happening due to a change in the consumer behavior and since once one changes its behavior, there is no coming back. Companies either adapt to the new pattern or stay behind.

The consumer is less and less paying attention to any form of traditional advertising on social media or in other platforms. 

There is a huge need to grab the attention of the consumer in 3 seconds or less and use visual content.

The consumer is looking for what is called Micro-influencers on social media. People that are experts in niche content and can deliver content in an authentic and relatable way. 

Companies need to create video content regularly in an informal format but this content needs to be engaging and entertaining. 

No big production but relatable content is a must. 

We are likely to see more platforms and features focused on making it easy for users to buy products directly from social media.

Businesses and entrepreneurs need to focus on short format videos and distribute them constantly to TikTok, Youtube shorts and reels. 

It is also crucial to focus on good, to the point content and avoid trending songs, trending dances etc. People will engage with you if you provide good content that resonates on an emotional level with them.