Cool tools to help your business

Here are a few tools you can use to increase productivity and market your business better.

The first is an online stop-watch. You can use this productivity tool to track your own tasks or is you are a business coach or consultant, you can use this tool to control your meetings.

To schedule appointments with your clients, you might want to use Time Driver. You set the time slots available and your clients choose from the options. Another option is

To transfer large files online a great tool is We Transfer.

Why not create some instant  screencasts for training on Twitter ? You can even publish on YouTube. This tool is simple to use and effective.

Want to do some research on your niche? Answerrbag can help you with that.

Hope you are into making some online videos. This is a mp4 converter so you can turn your videos into podcast.

Would you like to contact some celebrities and have them promote your business? This is easier than you think.

Have a copywrite project you need to outsource. 99Copywriters might be your answer.

Can’t live with so many different passwords and need a place to store them. Try Roboform

Hope this helps. If you know some other cool tools, please, leave a comment.