Emerging TV viewer types

Emerging TV viewer types

“Professional” Critics

Middle-age professionals,
successful and digital savvy, have
limited time and demand quality.
Characterized by their skepticism,
interest in keeping up with media
& pop culture and drawn to
immersive story driven, and
cerebral shows.

Young Digital Nomads

Born into “get what I want – when
I want it” media landscape, these
college age and 20-something’s
are much more likely to go ’off
the grid’, snacking on TV media
clips, viewing online or through
alternative viewing means (laptop,
Netflix, Hulu, Roku, etc.)

Social Seekers

Digital and broadcast TV worlds
are more seamless for these
viewers, who seek programming
that can connect them with
others, either in person or online
– all to create an immersive,
social and sometimes escapist

Time Fillers

Heavily engaged with TV
programming and online

entertainment information, these
viewers put television at the
center of their universe, but
appear to remain more on

tv viewers