Twitter for Business- social media tools

Branding is great but social media marketing can and should be used to generate sales. Yes, social media for businesses need to generate sales and leads.

Here are a few tips on how to use Twitter to generate sales.
It is all about the approach you have while using this social media tool.
Your approach should be to talk in ways that could generate questions that your services answer and to find which conversations happening on Twitter are worth having from a business perspective.
You are looking to discover customers evolving needs.

Ask questions that would reveal details about their need.
Don’t forget to have a call to action to connect prospects with your sales funnel. Do CTA’s only 2% of the time.

Provide a stream of useful content.
Send them to different, useful destinations but include your service among them every now and then.

Twitter Trivia

I got this from a presentation by Corey Condello and thought it would be useful to my readers:


*Retweet serves 2 important functions
allows you to post another user’s tweet to your followers
it makes sure you give credit to the original tweeter

* 2 ways to retweet
Click the retweet button on the original tweet
add RT@ with the Twitter name to your post

*what is a Dm?

A direct message is a private Twitter message.

*2 ways to send a DM
Click on the Direct Message button on the sidebar of the user’s profile

* D+@username + message in the tweet box


*Hashtags (#) help categorize tweets. You can add a hashtag to any tweet
*When someone searches for that hashtag, they will see your tweet.

Twitter Lists:

*They allow you to organize your followers into groups
*The lists that you follow show up in your sidebar
*You can create a list by clicking on the “New List” button.

Use to shorten urls.

#FF stands for “Follow Friday”. On Fridays you can post a tweet that suggests people to follow. This is a way to help your favorite tweeters to gain more followers.

Place the @ symbol before the username so that it will link to the user’s profile.