Best times to post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

According to Hubspot here is Best times to post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

The Best and Worst Times to Post, Pin & Tweet

best: 1pm to 4pm- highest click through

Peak time: Wed 3pm

worst time
weekends before or after 8pm


best- Monday-Thursday 1pm to 3pm
peak: Mond to thursd 9am to 3pm
Worst everyday after 8pm- Fridays after 3pm


Best: Sat morning
Peak: Fridays 3pm
Worst: normal work hours

Twitter Drives Social TV and how you can use this for your business

43 minutes are spent each day watching TV (HubSpot), and that many of those viewers are then sharing their experiences online, marketers should find ways to align any TV advertising with their online strategies.

Twitter has emerged as the most powerful driver of ‘social TV’ interaction. That means when people are watching the Super Bowl, American Idol or the elections, they are simultaneously using Twitter to share their thoughts and experiences with friends.

If you advertise on traditional TV why not add some Twitter hashtags to start a conversation?

If you have a show on set-up-boxes like Roku, do the same.

Twitter and social TV

Facebook Age groups

According to Zoomerang Facebook is the most used platform among all age groups. It is number one among the most-used social media among business owners in their 50s. Twitter and Likedin are among the most used social media by business owners of all ages.


Under 30
Facebook 77%

Facebook 76%

Facebook 77%


Facebook 84%

60 and over

Facebook 84%

How often should I post on Social Media?

This is a question we get everyday with some variations.
How often should I put a video on YouTube?
How often should I blog?
How often should I Tweet?
How often should I update my status on Facebook?

I can tell you how often you should post on social media environments when you are doing it for business. There is no rule on this topic but some tests have been done for optimum results.

The world is not going to end if you cannot follow one of them.
Remember social media marketing is a process and you have to set your goals to get attention from your market, not only visibility.

Also take into consideration that you have to provide good content most of the time and 2% of the time have a call to action. Your audience needs to be educated on the fact that you are doing this for business and they should not expect everything for free.

i know this is a touchy point but remember you are marketing a business and businesses need to have sales in order to have profits. Lead with good content but remind them of your business.

Here it goes:

Twitter: 8 to 18 posts a day. Twitter has a short shelf life.

Facebook: No more than 3 posts.

YouTube: 3 a week (for generic videos, not a Web Show)

Blogs: Once a day.

Twitter for Business- social media tools

Branding is great but social media marketing can and should be used to generate sales. Yes, social media for businesses need to generate sales and leads.

Here are a few tips on how to use Twitter to generate sales.
It is all about the approach you have while using this social media tool.
Your approach should be to talk in ways that could generate questions that your services answer and to find which conversations happening on Twitter are worth having from a business perspective.
You are looking to discover customers evolving needs.

Ask questions that would reveal details about their need.
Don’t forget to have a call to action to connect prospects with your sales funnel. Do CTA’s only 2% of the time.

Provide a stream of useful content.
Send them to different, useful destinations but include your service among them every now and then.

Social Media Tools: Future Tweets

An important factor for companies using social media marketing is to automate part of the processes and save time. Yes, there is need for interaction, relationship building etc but you need to automate part of your efforts.
What about pre-scheduling some tweets?
This social media tool can help you with that.

How to save Twitter stream in Chronological Order

This is a very useful post by Paul Gillin and I’m sure a lot of people will love this.

If you’ve ever tried to transcribe a Twitter chat or conversation thread around a particular keyword or hash tag, you know that converting the chain to chronological order can be a real hassle. Whether you copy and paste a thread from Twitter search or a chat-hosting service like Twebevent, the default presentation is reverse-chronological, with the most recent posts at the top and the earliest at the bottom. Using Word, the only way to change the order to chronological is by methodically cutting and pasting posts into a new document. Ugh.

I’ve discovered a way to automate this conversion using one of my favorite tools: the open source Notepad++. Here’s how you do it:

Copy and paste the thread into Notepad++
Select all text and choose TextFX|TextFX Tools|Insert Line Numbers.
With text still selected, choose TextFX|TextFX Tools|+ Sort ascending and remove the check mark
With text still selected, choose TextFX|TextFX Tools|Sort lines case insensitive (at column). This sorts the lines by number in descending order.
With text still selected, choose TextFX|TextFX Tools|Delete Line Numbers or First Word.
You’re done!

You can also use Notepad++’s lightning-fast search and replace feature to pretty up the formatting. For example, search for “@pgillin” and replace it with “@pgillin: to bold-face the name of a contributor to the conversation. Or replace hash tags like “#sm” with “social media” to make the conversation accessible to the uninitiated.

Because Notepad++ is a text editor and not a word processor, it removes all formatting from any document you cut and paste into it. However, this shouldn’t be a problem with Twitter chats because Twitter doesn’t support formatting itself. If you know a little HTML, you can always add back the formatting with Notepad++’s search/replace function.