9 days until Christmas gift- Using Online Videos for Business

Here is another gift for you and for your business.

By now you may be asking why are we doing this, giving products for nothing.


The answer is simple: We want you to really see what is inside our programs and products, to see how in depth we go into each subject and how easy it is to implement these solutions in your business.

We are aware that is the last few months all sorts of experts have appeared in the market. Most of them lack experience or deep knowledge but they all look successful in those cute pictures on Facebook don’t they? All so friendly and available. With lots of time on their hands.

So how do you know who can really show you better ways to get more business and more clients?


I can bash them, I can write many paragraphs about our experience in different industries but there is nothing better that experiencing yourself by going through our programs.


This is your only chance because we don’t have a habit of slashing prices very often. We really want you to know the programs from the inside and once and for all see who you can trust. If you find someone out there that can provide more to the point, useful steps to market your business, please, go buy from them.

We are committed to show entrepreneurs how to reach long lasting prosperity, not make money overnight, and to show you how to get attention from a market, not only get some useless visibility.


Today our gift is access to our most popular program:   How to use online videos for business


Online videos are one of the best marketing tools you can use today. Easy and cheap, extremely effective.

YouTube hits 4 billion views daily. 4 billion chances to show your services to people you have no other way of reaching. YouTube is an open social network- everyone can see your videos. Think about that.

In this program we cover all things online videos and make it so easy my cat Banana could do it.


Normally the online video program sells for $395. Today only you can get for $97


Reserve your spot here: Online videos for businesses programvideothumb

Shout out to sponsors

The time has come to take our show on the road and get in touch with businesses around the country.

We are looking for 2 sponsors for our BuzzBooster tv show on small business marketing.

According to TubeMogul tracking system we had 197,496 views so far and that doesn’t include views on our site, at IMbroadcast.com and other places where we also get a great number of views.

If you know a company that would be interested, please contact us at 801-8429765, buzz@buzzbooster.com or send a smoke sign.