Millennials Spend More Time With Digital Than Traditional Media

American Millennials (18-34) spend a slight majority of their weekly media time using digital devices, and are the only generation where digital media consumption exceeds traditional media, details Experian Marketing Services in a new report. But, Millennials share a common trait with their older counterparts: of the various devices available to them, TV still rules, accounting for the single largest share of their total weekly media time.

For Millennials, TV captures about 25 hours of their 67 weekly hours of media time, or about 37% share. By comparison, TV accounts for 42% share of total weekly media time among all adults, with its consumption far higher among older generations.
TV is also the device with the largest reach for each generation, with 97% of all adults watching at least some TV on a weekly basis. While TV maintains significant reach across the generations, the same isn’t true for other devices and media. More than three-quarters – 77% – of Millennials own a smartphone, for example, compared to just 48% of Baby Boomers (50-69) and 16% of Silents (70+).

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How Americans watch TV shows

Here is a chart showing how we watch TV

How Americans watch TV


Boomers Need to Watch What They Eat [Boomerology Revealed #15]

We boomers want to live forever. Well, we need to take care of our health and what we eat. Nutritionist Jackie Keller is on this episode and will tell you what to do.

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Featured at the Medtrade Newsletter

Quick note to let you know that the Medtrade newsletter has featured one of our articles this week. I’ve pasted the link below for you.

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Success ain’t For Cry Babies

Here is another episode of BuzzBooster Tv. This week we invited business coach Robert Imbriale to discuss success, failure and why success ain’t for cry babies. This is episode 124

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U.S. Government’s Pipeline of Young Workers Is Drying Up

A reputation for bureaucracy and hierarchy is helping to discourage young Americans from taking government jobs; in a poll of undergraduates, just 2.4% of engineering students and less than 1% of business students listed only government agencies as their ideal employers, according to the Wall Street Journal. Just 7% of the federal workforce was younger than 30 in 2013, compared with more than 20% in 1975, leaving the government without a pipeline of young workers in an increasingly digital age.

SOURCE: U.S. Government Struggles to Draw Young, Savvy Staff


A Key Ingredient for Creating Start-Ups: Young People

The presence of young workers appears to be necessary for the creation and growth of new firms, particularly in industries where young people have key technical skills, say Paige Ouimet of the University of North Carolina and Rebecca Zarutskie of the Federal Reserve Board. For example, in the electronics industry, a 5% increase in the share of youth in the population leads to a 1-to-2-percentage-point increase in the rate of new-firm creation, according to the researchers’ analysis of U.S. Census data.
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SOURCE: Who works for startups? The relation between firm age, employee age, and growth


New Rules for Marketing to America’s Largest, Wealthiest and Most Influential Group – Baby Boomers

Marketing to America’s Largest, Wealthiest and Most Influential Group – Baby Boomers

Check our new article on how to market to baby boomers. This time on the Boomerology Revealed blog.

Check the new rules for marketing to baby boomers


Marketing for baby boomers: Talk on an emotional level

Here is an example of a video ad from Duracell that talks on an emotional level. Notice that is does not promote the product but the message.

The brand engaged a new campaign called “Trust Your Power” with its debut on January 10th. The video strikes close to 5.9 million views in a week after being launched. Now it has over 22 million views

This is something quite special because Duracell didn’t run the ad on TV.

Marketing on an emotional level works for any generation but it is very powerful when marketing to baby boomers



Majority of US Internet Users to Use a Connected TV by 2015

The number of US connected TV users is rising rapidly, and next year, the majority of internet users will go online via such a device. The connected TV audience is set to more than double between 2013 and 2017 as double-digit growth rates continue.
eMarketer estimates that more than 113 million people—35.5% of the US population and 45.0% of internet users—will use a connected TV regularly this year, and in 2015, the majority of US internet users will access the internet through such a device. The connected TV audience will post double-digit growth rates through 2017.

If you are a content creator and you are not scared of a camera, you should consider star your own TV show before it is too late.

Check more info here

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