I don’t trust you!

I don’t trust you!

Your customers might not be telling you this but it is in the back of their minds: I don’t trust you!

We are living in a moment where we don’t trust media or brands. We believe or are lead to believe media is fake, companies betray us. Consumers feel ostracized and misunderstood. So you as a brand need to be thinking how to move forward and prove your trustworthiness to consumers.

Our environment is changing, our behavior is changing and our emotions are taking the forefront. As a marketer of your own business, you need to understand and adapt if you want to thrive.

Emotion is the new currency. You market to emotions. All the time.

Yes, people are angry and divided. They feel empowered to say what they feel even when it is a little bit too much. What do you do as a brand? You don’t want people talking bad about your business but you need to give them voice in a positive way. You allow them to participate!

People are looking for compassion, safety and privacy. How many people put a tape over their computer camera because they don’t want to lose their sense of privacy? I know my desktop does not have a camera either, just in case.

Because our level of trust is so low we are blocking cameras, news, e-mails. The younger the generation the worse it gets. Generation Z for example is really averse in sharing any personal data (even when they might get a 20% off coupon). So what will happen with those lead generation pages?

The approach will change drastically. Meaning and purpose will have to be there if they are to share anything with you.

So what is a brand to do? Understand what people want and give it to them. For example, people want to be respected, believed and heard. So having to walk a whole store to find one overworked employee to ask a question, does not work. Watching a video where the expert is telling them what to do, without their input does not work either.

You need to understand that if a customer came to you, he/she did it although he/she would rather be home, despite of day to day struggles, work etc. You should understand and respect that and give them the most personable and special experience. If you are just trying to sell them something, you are going to lose them.

Did I say they’d rather stay home? It is a safe place we trust. Now we just need to make it self-sufficient. Robots, technologies, machines that talk to us and make us fee special, delivery of goods (Why do I even need to go to a supermarket)? All these products and services are on the rise. As well as services that give us instant access to what we want: Netflix, Spotify, Curiousmondo.

Consumer now relate better with small. Small or local brands. Even if you are a big company, you can market as a personal brand with real people, with hobbies and purpose. Small gives us a perspective of control and in a moment where society is evolving, something that makes us all uncomfortable, we seek control and reach. The sense of small gives us that. If you look in the restaurant industry- portions are getting smaller too.

When we get out of our home, we want to do things in groups. Because we need human connection and validation and because the enormous amount of time we spend in social media is making us really bored. Companies that cater to this need are growing like Plantnite that partners with restaurants and bars. But going out in a group also means doing something together like spinning, knitting, making or cosplay.


You can say culture is the new media and if you empower culture with your customers you will be in the winning end. People don’t want to be advertised to but they do want to be reached. That is why you need to talk about them and their emotions and needs not about your product or service. You need to market to them in their groups, neighborhoods and social circles.

It does take more work but it works better than any ad out there, lasts longer and most of all increases the level of trust in your company.

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The age of anxiety and your business

As a society we are stressed like never before.

We are stressed all the time.

You could say it is because we live in an unstable World, there are threats everywhere or we are just angry on how divided we are at the moment.

All part of the issue but we also need to take accountability and see that as a culture we chose to “Live Hard and Play Hard” to a point we cannot sustain this naturally anymore.

While this reality may stress us even more, it is on the other side promoting a new way of thinking and creating new businesses to help us manage this new phase.

The Centers for Disease Control predicts that by 2020, stress will be the most disabling condition Americans face, second to only heart disease.

We are all stressed but Millennials are known as being the most stressed out generation.

There is a bright side in the future of our anxiety!

I’ll show you some of new opportunities out there and maybe some will help you to innovate in your business.

Ahead of us is a spike in products to turbocharge the human body. Nootropics are an example design for this. They are a mixture of natural ingredients and lab-derived supplements. Also known as smart drugs which now have a following.

Scientists are also working on manufacturing new memories.

You have probably seen on TV about Rage Rooms. You pay a fee and throw things at the wall.

Many apps are showing in this segment like Headspace where you have meditation on the go with over 1 million downloads. Others like Mindsurf allows you to share feelings.

Saunas are bringing Infra red heat and custom soundtrack. These saunas are popping up in New York, LA and London, with the price ranging from $45-$55 for a half-hour bake.

Kava tea is known as the liquid Xanax. Drinking numbs your tonque and make you chill. They go from $13 to $25 a bowl.

Sensory deprivation has become a hyper-extreme alternative to meditation. So Pods are back to free you from distractions for 60 minutes.  Inside a small room or human-size clam called a pod, there is no sound and no light, just 1000 pounds of Epsom salt water and you. All for $99.

Spas with Cryotherapy Chamber are also popping up. I need to try this one because it is said they burn 800 plus calories in 180 seconds. Just $90 for a session.

Alternative options are a big trend too. Consumers are increasingly turning to gentler, more natural forms of healing.

Aromatheraphy and essential oils in general are in an all time high especially through multi-level marketing companies since they foster people to try the oil. There is even an e-cigarrete style device for personal aromatherapy called Monq.

Yoga, Reki, acupuncture are also seeing a revival.

Pay attention that solutions blending technology and natural components are the ones that tend to be more successful. Partly because Millennials are attracted to blended solutions.

Now it is time to think how your business could help people feel less stressed. From creating a new product to becoming a sleep meditation coach, there are many opportunities out there. Even bedtime stories for grown-ups’ – Sleep Stories – that aim to induce sleep by using a combination of “soothing words, music and sound-effects”.

When you need some support figuring out how to navigate this new World or create innovation, we are here. We have consult hundreds of businesses over the years and we are your pair of fresh eyes. Call us at 801-680-7220 or write to buzz@buzzbooster.com


Real Life is cool again! The reality of Digital Isolation

I’m a baby boomer, so no, I did not grow up in front of a computer but as any baby boomer I’m an eager adopter. So yes, I do spend an enormous amount of time in my computer, or should I say on my phone just to sound cooler and younger?

If you are a Millennial, you know your phone is becoming an addiction. If only you could set it aside and think about it, it would be scary.

We did embrace technology in a big way and when social media came along we jumped into it without a care. That is how now we keep connected with people like us, with family, with friends and with a lot of strangers. Communication took a whole new format after social media and texting.

There is gratification when you feel connected, when you feel you are aware of things happening ( that is why fake news became a trend and a money making opportunity for some). Many measure their success by number of followers, likes or klout. But what really happens inside? There is that nagging feeling that you are still isolated. It may be cliché but you know that if you get sick almost no one in this digital network of yours would actually visit with you at a hospital. So, it is there, but it is not.

Being connected all the time made us disconnect from face to face conversations and confrontations. We are becoming beings that avoid any conflict which does not help any of us navigate life.

The younger the person the less he/she wants to get a “no” as an answer. To the extent that Millennials avoid phone conversations. Most young people associate phone conversations with high pressure situations. The phone used as a phone becomes a fear inducing device. Because the answer is not known. – You might have to leave a message, then you need to know what you will say if the person is not there. Talking to another human is really becoming an issue.

No matter if it is because you just plain and simple feel isolated or you interaction skills are in crisis mode, Real Life is cool again!

We are going out and looking for opportunities to connect with real people and create new experiences.

Look at Meetup.com. A place where you look for think alike groups to meet people. Currently has 39 million members with no sign of slowing down.

Check companies like Painting with a twist, Plant Nite and others where you go to a place or restaurant to meet people and make something. (two trends here- Real life is cool again and Me and my peeps)

Tea with strangers- Their motto is: Actually talk to people. For two hours you have tea and talk about anything.

Look at apps and you will find Hey Vina- where you can meet other women for fun, for work or for life.

Hello Mamas connect other moms to meet and talk.

We are finding new ways to re-connect and have meaningful conversations, but we are going out looking for real interaction. Finding relevant interaction will fight our digital isolation.

This trend can be a real opportunity for your business. Creating better and richer experiences for your customers in real life.

Tours like sriracha hot sauce does, retreats, meetups in your place, demo day. These are all opportunities for you to use this trend in your business.

About Shahar

Shahar is a neuromarketer fascinated with trends and how brands can benefit from them. With her daughter Nashlah they run BuzzBooster marketing that provides consulting for small businesses. They also run Curious Mondo that provides an innovative way in adult learning