12 days before Christmas

Can you believe we are only 12 days from Christmas?

Usually this time of the year is very low key for us. We don’t have family here, it is just the two of us so besides going out with some clients and friends, we don’t pay too much attention to the period.

But I know it is a whole different picture with other folks and how special this time can be and how fun too.

One of the traditions we learned here is the one where you send a gift every day for 12 days before Christmas. I think that is really cool and I feel the spirit of giving.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and got to the conclusion that I have a big family here. Everyone that are subscribers, clients, followers are part of our family.

So we want to be part of this tradition and for the next 12 days we will send you a gift.

They will be totally fr@@ or almost fr@@.


Today we want to give you access to our super duper program on Google plus for business. Maybe you are not using Google Plus but you need to be aware how this is impacting how your sit shows on the search engine.

It is a fast program with the info you need to take action and get more traction in your marketing.

No cost to you and an eye opener.


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Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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