A new kind of media trading at Switch Planet

Switch Planet is a barter system site where you may switch or borrow dvds, cds, games and books with other users.
This is not the only option online for this kind of site, there are many like Craigslist and Peerflix, but Switch Planet offers a twist: it helps society and the environment.

When you go to their website, you’ll see that their mission is right at your left and if you click, you’ll read:
It is our goal to establish SwitchPlanet.com as a premier online community that is committed to helping reduce the impact waste is having on the planet by trading the things we no longer use to get the things we want.

“Use more…waste less.”

Social Responsibility

– Reducing environmental waste
– Helping those who need it most
– Support arts/culture and education

Well, we can only say kudos to that!
Traders can opt to donate any amount they trade or not.
They are not the first website to do that, others like Squidoo also do the same, but it is a nice thing anyway. It is a good option for people that have a way of contributing with some organizations instead of having dvds collecting dust in the garage.

This website is fairly new, it started in February 2007, ranks 32,400 on Alexa and has a PR5, which shows it is becoming popular really fast.

They also offer a good refund policy in case any item arrives damaged.
The site also has friends groups and forums to improve communication among users and to allow them to comment on the products.

The profiles page also increases the engagement with users.

I though the website as a whole is very clean and easy to use and worth a try.

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