Are you going far, going fast and going big in your business?

I don’t know how many times I said I needed to go far, go fast and go big with my business but I just didn’t know what to do.

I thought I had to do more things in order to go to the next level and frankly, I didn’t even really know what the next level meant.

Until I figured that I could create bursts of income and therefore be able to propel my business faster. There were some mindsets shifts that had to occur.

Now, I know that in order to create those bursts of income I need to check 4 points:

Anchor: Where I set a definite purpose and move fast

Propel: I set here how to go far, create systems and a strong personal support system

Maximize: Here is where I market by taking massive action, leverage efforts and income streams

Master: in this one all I think is leverage of time and income. Where I feel I don’t need to be there to make things happen.

I use this for the big picture of my business seeing these points as phases and in smaller projects or services I plan to launch seeing them as working points to make things happen.

I call this the Go far, Go fast and Go big system and here is where you can get to know more.

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