Are you in?

Through the 20th century, most brands relied on the creativity and exercise of the media, advertising and entertainment companies to create content and deliver audiences. Mostly in traditional formats

In the 21st century, however, as consumers have been gradually shifting away from traditional forms of media content and distribution, the media universe has become both fragmented and digital. Consumers can choose from seemingly limitless content on their own terms and on their own devices. At the same time, marketers can connect more directly with users and customers through websites, blogs, apps and social media.

Meanwhile the battle for consumer’s attention has become brutal and requires new strategies and capabilities. This is for all industries.

The conclusion is one: We all have to be in the media business.

Some examples: Nike has become a major presence in social media with a miniseries on YouTube.

ANZ bank in Australia built a financial news portal

Marriot has created a content studio to develop videos for social media.

FairPrice a supermarket in Singapore has a food content platform called Food for Life with 2,000 videos in different languages.

Your company cannot ignore this trend and needs to choose a clear “way to play”. Despite the size of your company or budget, you should be aware and active in new media platforms.

As marketing consultants, that is what we’ve done for the past 12 years. Help companies create the right type of approach and content to get attention from their customers and prospects.

You cannot ignore the need to create specific strategies and media to reach people in a way they will pay attention to your message and take action.

It is a survival game, so are you in?

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