Attend EIES from your couch

I hope you are among the lucky folks that will attend the Extreme Income Explosion Summit in person. But if you are not, there is another solution for you not to miss this amazing opportunity:

We will be broadcasting the event live. So you can watch the whole event with our star speakers from your couch.

All you need to do is go here to reserve your spot:

Below are a few questions people have asked us:

Q: I am totally booked May 3-5. Does that mean that I should forget about participating?

A: Of course not… Obviously, it is better to watch the videos live so you can actively participate — but we totally get that life doesn’t always work that way. The videos will be available for you to watch until June 21 .

Q: I just don’t do technology. Is the technology behind the simulcast going to be too frustrating for me?

A: No, if you can watch a You Tube video – you have everything you need to participate in EIES.

If you run into *any* trouble, we’ll have our crack technical support team, on call, ready to walk you through any technical difficulties you run into during the conference.

Q: I know this is a silly question — but what is a Simulcast anyway?

A: No questions are silly. A Simulcast is basically a way to watch a live broadcast of the EIES conference from home. We’ll even have someone in the simulcast area with you at the conference so that you can ask questions. Type it into the chat area — and your host will ask the question of the speaker and you’ll get your answer. It is almost as good as being there.

It also means that you get to participate without travel, getting dressed up, taking care of extra child care.

What this also means is you don’t have to get dressed up, no sleeping in an uncomfortable beds, no taking time away from the rest of your business.

In the final analysis, at the fabulously low price of $97 you have the opportunity to learn what you need for your business right now. Our diverse group of speakers have been hand-picked to help you create a complete plan for your business to thrive over the next six months.

I am all about making decisions — now that you have the information – does your gut tell you that it is time… time to put a plan in place to move you forward? If you even have a glimmer of that feeling, go ahead and grab your ticket:

Webcast ticket for EIES

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