Back from the Internet Marketing Conference

We are back from Vegas and the Internet Marketing Superconference.

It was really good to meet friends like Stu McClaren, Frank Sousa, Jeannete Cates and to make new ones.

There were some great speakers and my favorite was Jack Humphrey talking about social media. Hee gave some very good tips that I’ll share with you in another opportunity. Unfortunatelly, we were not able to interview him.

Brad Fallon also was very good and he is such a nice person to talk to.

Now that we are home, we’ll have time to process all the information we got there.

We did some great interviews that turned out with bad sound. As usual, we took our Sony hd to tape but we also took a Flip Camera. Turns out the Flip camera is so easy to use, saves so much time, that for this kind of interview, it sounded perfect. We wanted to do the interview and upload right away, so you would get the new stuff too.

Guess what? the camera has awful sound quality. Really bad. Ugh!

We thought that the problem was with our camera, so we took it back and got another.

Just tried and the sound is horrible. That is really bad because we do a bunch of videos and this camera could help us a lot.

We decided to put a tape over the microphone to do a second video. The sound is nice. Go figure!

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