Beyond the list

You hear this everywhere that the gold is in the list, you need to build a list.

This true but what and how you work this list is what really matters.
Unfortunately, most people understand that after they build a list, they need to keep selling to this list non-stop.

Yes, this list has a business purpose and you will need to get sales from this list but creating a relationship with the people in the list is what really matters. Helping your customers will generate loyalty and this is a perfect marketing strategy specially when you are marketing on a shoe-string.
There are several ways of doing this, like providing tips, good information and suggesting things they might be interested.
I’d like to show you what a company did that makes all the difference here.

You heard about the peanut butter recall right?
Did you get any phone calls from places where you buy telling you about the recall and what you should do?
Most companies just live with the fact that people will learn about the recalls in the news and will figure what to do next.
But not all.

Costco checked its members database to see who had purchased products in the recall list. Then they used a robo-call to get in touch with the customers telling them what to do.

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