Blogging in corporations

Very often we get companies that want to start a blog because they think it is an easy way to generate more traffic and leads. That is not the primary benefit of a blog and it is important to understand that. Of course, because blogs tend to be keyword rich, over time that will help your rankings, but this is almost a side benefit. In order to generate traffic and leads, the company needs to be seriously committed with the blog and understand that they are after a blog generates recurring traffic with a regular readership. To achieve this goal, the company needs to create engines of engagement that will bring people back to the blog. A regular readership is the end goal for the company.
There are a few things that a company needs to consider before starting a blog.

1. Long term commitment
2. You need to engage people. It is not about just giving information about your company. Ask for feedback, ask for questions.
3. Press releases shouldn’t appear on a blog.
4. Have a face and a personality. People don’t like companies, they like other people.
5. Accept criticism
6. Be real, be transparent
7. Summarize a post at the beginning and in the title. Be controversial to grab users attention.
8. Use headings to grab attention and summarize content.
9. Use images to break up the copy and communicate key points.
10. Don’t make long posts. Less than 500 words.
11. and yes, your competitors will read your blog. Don’t worry, that is part of the game.

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