BuzzBooster behind the scenes

The last few weeks have been, to say the least, very interesting.

We had our offices broken into and a big mess to clean up. Happened during the weekend and we spent 2 days putting things in place.

Two of our main sites were hacked and we spent a lot of time fixing that too. Sorry hackers but I’m sending you bad thoughts!

One thing after the other happened but I guess since both of us have birthdays in August I can say it is probably our astrological hell.

Since you can’t fight this, we decided to take a break in LA.

We spent a week there with friends and had the chance to go and walk on the beach. Energy is renewed.

Now, let’s go full force.

Here is a picture of us and James Malinchak at his event this weekend.

James Malinchak
James Malinchak

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