BuzzBooster Really Pops with New Online Marketing Video Show

Buzz-building mother and daughter team, Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan, have created a new online video show called, “Who Pops Your Popcorn?”

Shahar and Nashlah devote their lives to empower small business owners who want to take their businesses online but don’t know how to make this move.

“It is shocking how much money business owners leave on the table due to fear of using the internet. They think they are too old to learn how to do it or find the technology overwhelming.” says Shahar, a marketing advisor that specializes in social marketing. “It is not even a matter of choice anymore, every business needs to be using the internet today to market and keep the relationship with customers. Business today is all about the conversation you have with prospects and customers” Says Nashlah who is also an expert on social marketing.

Trying to find a way to show small business owners how easy, profitable and fun this process is, led them to create the Popcorn effect concept. “To make popcorn you start with some corn and if you follow a simple process, the corn will become a bowl full of yummy popcorn” says Nashlah. We named the video show “Who Pops Your Popcorn?” because if you don’t take care of your customers online, your competition will. “Popcorn is inexpensive and low-risk and you may have a lot or just a little, just like social media and its tools like blogs, videos, podcasts and social networks.”

Viewer Alison Kipta says she’s been very impressed with the tips so far. “It is very good stuff! I’m going to share Who pops your popcorn? with my classmates in my MBA program.”

Information on the videos includes everything from the best way to build a profitable business to the best ways to use social media. All the tips and advice are designed to help small businesses effectively market their products and ideas.

The BuzzBoosters are entertaining and insightful guests and resources to any media, and can inspire an audience with insider tips and information that most small business owners never know about. You can book an interview that will educate your audience on this important subject by calling their office at: 801-842-9765 or 801-330-9010

The videos can be viewed at: More information about BuzzBooster can be found at:

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