Christmas is over but Santa has a big problem

Even Santa has to re-think his business.

Now that the holidays are over… you ate, you rested and spent time with loved ones, it is time to go back to business.

Let’s take a minute and think about Santa for a second, since Christmas is still fresh on our minds.

Santa has been in business for a long time and since I hear no complaints from children, we can assume he has a healthy business.

Now, Santa has a seasonal business so he must be careful and work very hard during a specific time of the year.

When it comes to manufacturing his toys he faces brutal competition coming from China. He cannot pay his elves such low wages. This type of unfair competition makes his work even harder.

How many reindeer does he have? 7? Have you checked the price of hay lately? It is through the roof and he has a very big route to cover.

When it comes to memorabilia and places to meet Santa to deliver the list, well, we can get most of it online at very cheap prices and send the list by e-mail or just get an app for that. It is almost as if we could replace Santa.

It is not a pretty scenario is it?

I’m sure Santa will be able to thrive and survive despite the challenges. What about your business?

All of us, including Santa have seen drastic changes in the market, in consumer behavior and in the perception of value people have of our businesses.

There is either a lot more competition out there or more technology to replace what we do. Every day we need to make a lot more effort to get people’s attention.

Not a pretty picture.

There is a huge need for you to not only use the beginning of this year to plan and craft a well crafted market plan for your business but also to think about fine tuning your positioning or in some cases even re-invent yourself.

We all need some fine tuning in our position if we want to be in business for the next five years.

Yes, it is going to involve some changes (oops, I just wrote a word marketers don’t use, because people don’t like it), some work, (oops, another one) and some money. (ai, ai, ai)

The truth is, with changes in the economy and consumer behavior, you have to stop fooling yourself that there is some magic or software out there to fix things. Take charge of your life and business. You and only you can change the outcome for better.

You need to take action and do what is necessary or you will see your business vanish from this planet.

Have in mind that I do wish you the best year ever, but it is not going to be great if you don’t do what you have to do.

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