Consumer Trends in 2017 and How Your Business Can Benefit

Here we are in 2017. Have we figured out how to reach a consumer that pays attention to us and takes action or is everything still the same?

A great way to improve how you market your business is to keep an eye in what is going on in the market, how people are reacting and how you can use this information to market better.

First let’s take a look at the consumer we have in front of us. This consumer is overloaded with information to the point that any decision becomes an issue. Too many options of everything. Level of trust with companies is in an all time low.

A confused brain freezes and that is exactly what is happening to people.

So you might consider not offering too many options when you are selling and focus on giving advice to why your service would be the wise decision.

Consumers are extremely anxious, angry even with a lot of unanswered questions. They now find comfort in simplicity and are looking for balance.  The megatrend of health and wellness will continue to propagate. Consumers are becoming aware and actively seeking natural options. Markets and apps related to meditation and aromatherapy will keep growing. The yoga industry alone is a 10 billion dollar industry.

When you are marketing, simplify, use things people are familiar with and feel safe.

The brain likes simple.

We don’t want more information. We want to experience and be part of the experience. Which means businesses need to find ways to incorporate consumer input and provide unique experiences.

In a consumer World of material abundance, the experiences people choose become part of their identities.

Even though physical experiences matter more than virtual experiences, the latter will exponentially grow this year.

We want our peeps! More and more we want to belong to groups similar to our values and interests. We want input from them so we don’t have to filter more information. And when in a group, we want to take action and change things.

Can you create channels where you congregate people interest in the same topic you cover and get their input?

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